How do I deploy PDF Architect to a large number of machines?

First, we assume that you know in general how to deploy software with your
system (i.e. Active Directory, System Center etc.)

As PDF Architect is available as MSI setup, it is installed using
msiexec.exe (either directly by you or using the distribution system), i.e:

msiexec.exe /i "PDF_Architect.msi" /quiet SET_AS_DEFAULT_APPLICATION=0

This will install PDF Architect silently, will not set it as default PDF

These boolean options are avialable (set to 0 or 1)


For APPLICATION_LANGUAGE, you can set the following values:

  • English = 0
  • French = 1
  • German = 2
  • Spanish = 3
  • Italian = 4
  • Japan = 5
  • Russian = 6
  • Portuguese = 7

The Parameter ADDLOCAL defines the components that will be installed:

ADDLOCAL=MainProgram, EnglishDocumentation, FrenchDocumentation,
GermanDocumentation, SpanishDocumentation, ItalianDocumentation,
IntegrShell,IntegrFirefox,IntegrIE, Inregr2007Word, Inregr2007Excel,
Inregr2007PowerPoint,Inregr2007Publisher, Inregr2007Outlook,

You can define the target directory with the parameter TARGETDIR, i.e.

TARGETDIR="D:\Applications\PDF Architect"

Finally can also add a license key that will be used to activate your copy
of PDF Architect


Note: A PDF Architect license key may by default only be
used for a single computer. If you want to roll out the free module on a large
number of computers, please contact our sales team to create a license key with
the respective amount of allowed activations to avoid problems. If you have
purchased a volume license key that is valid for a number of computers, you can
safely use it here.

Need a quote? Contact our sales team.